H J PERRY Romantic Gay Fiction

Our Secret Christmas by H J Perry
Our Secret Christmas Romantic Gay Fiction

Our Secret Christmas Published Dec 15, 2016 | 44000 Words

A feel-good, heartwarming, sexy story unlike any other story that you've read with Christmas in the title.
Christmas is a really big deal in Britain. The parties and preparations begin in November, at the latest.
In the construction industry, Christmas means two weeks off work for Connor and Lee.
Yes, two weeks.
They've only been dating since September.
In secret.
They just want to spend the holiday time together, like any other gay guys in love. 
Alone and mostly naked.
And we all know the true meaning of Christmas is explaining and justifying to friends and family how you are spending the holiday and who with.

This is another Sky High Scaffolders story, written mostly in British but with American spelling.
At 44,000 it's a long novella, not quite long enough to be a novel when size matters.

Our Secret Christmas can be read as a standalone but is best read after Our Secret Wedding. 

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Thoughts of the author:

I've just listened to this on audio, six months after I last read the final draft. It's NOT fresh in my mind. Is it okay to admit laughing at your own jokes? I laughed so much. 

The banter and innuendo is very much the way we talk to each other in my corner of the world. We laugh a lot.

Humour is subjective. 

What is this book? There are loads of sexy scenes, but it's not erotica. It is a sweet romantic story with a happy ending, but it's not a romance. There are lots of funny lines, but it's not a comedy.

Our Secret Christmas is contemporary gay fiction. 

The setting and characters are realistic and at the heart of the story is the question of how a couple can maintain a secret relationship. Whilst this couple live in modern England and it's all going to be all right no matter if they don't keep the secret. In my mind, I'm very aware that couples have and still do maintain such a secret for their entire lives.

Features: A romantic story line but not a romance. Versatile MM characters and lots of sex scenes. Super over the top romantic guys in love. Both macho blue collar workers.


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