Author H J PERRY

Helen J Perry

HJ Perry is 53 already! She's old enough to have her hair whatever colour she wants. Plus 3 children.

She lives in the centre of England BUT is learning to accept having words translated into American spelling for an international audience.

HJP writes gay romance, lesbian romance, and reverse harem fiction. 

She writes contemporary and science fiction and fantasy.  Most books are set in England where, for the most part, LGBT people are treated with the same respect as anyone else. 

Random Publication


Three young men have their lives turned upside down by the aliens who claim them body, heart, and soul.

Pip: A monster of a man rescued me from a bleak, harrowing situation. He says I'm his missing vassal, and now he intends to keep me as his personal slave. KWIM? And he doesn't just expect me to service his massive ego.

Caspian: I spent the night with the man of my dreams, and I promised him my soul. Now he's come to stake his claim. The big beautiful man is a powerful prince in his realm, and he's used to getting what he wants.

Greg: Two powerful and domineering men want to share me, but who else will they invite to the feast?

Approximately 15000 words


Having worked in the construction industry for years in real life, the fictional characters also often work in that macho, male-dominated environment.

HJP has also been a political activist campaigning around LBGT issues since the 1980s.

Reverse Harem is all about her. One woman engaged in a romance with many men (or men and women). No love tangle & she doesn't choose. Think: polyandry. The characters might be bisexual or pansexual and the men might also be lovers or they might all be straight.

The books are BRITISH so...

Why American Spelling? Because for every 1 book sold in the UK more than 10 are sold in the USA and most global readers mostly do not recognise correct British spelling. I want my books to be easy for everyone to read and Brits are perfectly comfortable reading American spelling (even though we know it's wrong).

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