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This is the home of Queer British  author H J Perry and all her books. Reverse Harem, Gay romance, and LesFic (FF romance). 

Click on the publications link to find the different series. 

Most of the books are set in the UK and all have a happy ending. 

Happy for Now or Happy Ever After, that's guaranteed. 

Through 2019 Helen will be adding more Reverse Harem (RH) titles and she has more gay romance and lesbian stories planned.

Reverse Harem are romances involving one woman and several men. And the woman is at the centre of the story. There may or may not be MM & FF themes. I will try to make that clear in the blurbs on this website.

H J Perry's books are available on a variety of sites as ebooks. 

Some are also in print and 4 books in the Sky High Scaffolders are also audiobooks.



Earth PublishedJan 25, 2019 |51000 Words

One vampire. Five witches. 
One young woman alone in the world who doesn't know about her own power. 
Five men who've promised to protect her.
Hot and dangerous from the get-go.

Of all the weird things that happened to me, dying had to be the worst.
Later, it turned out I wasn't dead after all, and that came as a real shock. 

The bare-chested witches and the undead Romanian vampire are all that stand between me and the demons who want to kill me.
Oh, yes, and salt and magic, if you can believe that.
And that was just the start of the craziness. 
And did I mention the men's bare chests?
These guys seem to have a problem with clothes.
Not that I'm complaining.

Sorry, I ramble and digress when the threat of impending death gets too much.

Anyway, three of the guys seem to have the hots for each other and it's bound to end in tears, but that's another story. I'll find out more and let you know IF I survive the night.

EARTH is book one in a sizzling four-book paranormal romance series set in London. 
It features: 
Witches, magic, and vampires.
A kick-ass woman at the heart of the story.
Bisexual characters in a reverse harem romance.
More explicit MMF scenes than you can wave a witch's wand at.
Knife crime and fruit smoothies.
Hackney in East London.  
A cliffhanger. 

Approximately 51,000 words.


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