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This is the home of Queer British  author H J Perry and all her books. Reverse Harem, Gay romance, and LesFic (FF romance). 

Through 2018 Helen will be adding more Reverse Harem (RH) titles. 

Reverse Harem are romances involving one woman and several men. And the woman is at the centre of the story. There may or may not be MM & FF themes. I will try to make that clear in the blurbs on this website.

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Many of the books are set in the UK and all have a happy ending. Happy for Now or Happy ever After, that's guaranteed. 

H J Perry's books are available on a variety of sites as ebooks. 

Some are also in print and 4 books in the Sky High Scaffolders are also audio.

Some books are exclusive to Amazon and free to borrow for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Architects SoO Reverse Harem MFMM romance


Architects SoO Reverse Harem MFMM romance Published May 17, 2018 | 75000 Words

A young woman with unexplained powers of seduction. 
An ancient Greek god come to life. 
And two powerful men who might threaten his existence...
Why can't she resist them?
All of them.
Three men? At once? 
Jade's not sure that's possible but she'd like nothing better than to try. 

College student Jade knows there is more to this world than meets the eye...especially since her best friend discovered that ancient Greek gods are alive and well. And now she lives with three hot Spartan warriors who worship her, body and soul. The lucky b*tch.

Jade has no right wanting the men who threaten the gateway to the gods and she can’t explain how she’s drawn to these men above all others. 
Karl is a rich, arrogant landowner who's annoyingly hot. 
Rugged, muscular Nic is Karl's right-hand man...in more ways than one.
These powerful and domineering men want to share Jade. They please her, yes. They adore her, truly. But things are not as they seem. 
Each man can trace a link to Jade's ancient secret. A bond with the god of architecture, which none of them suspect. Nor do any realize that Jade's own lineage traces back to the time of monsters and myth.

Jade and her three lovers have been drawn together by stories as old as time...

ARCHITECTS is a steamy MFMM Reverse Harem fantasy romance featuring bisexual characters. 
While the woman is central to the romance, the men enjoy each other’s bodies too.
It is the third book in Sons of Olympus, a sizzling reverse harem paranormal romance and urban fantasy series. Each book features THREE smoldering-hot guys and the woman they’d kill to protect. If you like sexy forbidden romance H J P’s Greek mythological new series will hit your buttons. Scroll up and one-click today!
**75,000 words.**
**A happy ending and no cliffhanger.**

The three books in the Sons of Olympus Trilogy by Helen J Perry are:


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