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This is the home of Queer British  author H J Perry and all her books. Reverse Harem, Gay romance, and LesFic (FF romance). 

Click on the publications link to find the different series. 

Most of the books are set in the UK and all have a happy ending. 

Happy for Now or Happy Ever After, that's guaranteed. 

Through 2019 Helen will be adding more Reverse Harem (RH) titles and she has more gay romance and lesbian stories planned.

Reverse Harem are romances involving one woman and several men. And the woman is at the centre of the story. There may or may not be MM & FF themes. I will try to make that clear in the blurbs on this website.

H J Perry's books are available on a variety of sites as ebooks. 

Some are also in print and 4 books in the Sky High Scaffolders are also audiobooks.

Streets Apart & Hearts Apart


Streets Apart & Hearts Apart Published Mar 1, 2016 | 64000 Words

A gay friends to lovers romance. 
I’m Aaron. I’ve got a crush the size of Europe on Joe, who lives across the street, and when he’s around, I transform into a prize idiot. 

The rest of the time I’m a trainee plumber. On Sundays, I play in the amateur football league. In all, a confident, well-adjusted guy. For a 20-year-old virgin who lives with his parents and falls apart over the boy not-quite next door.

Joe’s cute, sexy, fun and the reason the word sexy was invented. We used to play together as kids in the massive posh house that he lives in with his parents, the doctors. Now he’s at university, studying literature. 

How do I ask a guy for a date when I can’t string together a coherent sentence when he’s around, and I don’t even know if he’s gay? And what’s more, no one knows I’m gay.

Who keeps their boyfriend in the closet these days?
I want the world to know how much he means to me.
I’m going to come out, but not today, I can do it next week.

This is a hot, sexy, feel-good romance about two young men who fall in love for the first time. They are crazy about each other and do lots of kissing, hand holding, and taking their clothes off.

***A feel-good coming out story.***

64,000 words of standalone sexy, comedy, romance.

Two novellas previously published separately in 2016, now combined into one full length novel.


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