H J PERRY Romantic Gay Fiction

Tread the Boards by H J Perry
Tread the Boards Romantic Gay Fiction

Tread the Boards Published Oct 18, 2016 | 55000 Words

A feel-good, love at first sight gay romance. There’s lots of kissing and little angst. 

Ben’s shook up when two of his work colleagues come out. Ben considered himself liberal and broadminded but also straight.
Macho construction workers aren’t gay. They just aren’t. So of course, he can’t stop thinking about it.
And he can’t stop thinking about Tom.
But if Ben fall’s in love with A MAN how will he tell his family, his friends, and his son? 

Tom is slowly getting over the heartache of his past when he’s swept away by a straight-acting but flirty scaffolder. With enough baggage of his own, should Tom spend time with Ben when he discovers Ben wasn’t acting? 
Is it time for Tom to ditch the low paid work, pick up the threads of his life, and resume his professional career? 

A standalone romance novel. Overlapping characters with Our Secret Wedding.

*** Also in audiobook format ***

The Author's thoughts:

Even though lots of LGBT people are out in their workplaces and among family and friends in the UK, the macho, male-dominated construction industry is behind the times. 

In Tread the Boards I wanted to look at how other workers react to knowing gay colleagues. Specifically, what do scaffolders say when they discover two of their co-workers are a married couple. 

Amidst this, another scaffolder discovers he's attracted to a man for the first time. I wanted to show how this environment and the discussions about the gay couple have an impact on Ben. I was thinking about how life may be a little easier for Ben if he knew other people at work were gay and by knowing the boss fully supported LGBT workers. And I thought about how it only takes a few negative voices, just a few homophobic comments, to spoil things. Especially if everyone else stays silent.

I also thought a lot about my choice of words.

In conversations, thought the series, the bisexual characters are often referred to as gay. I deliberately did this because it's how people take in real life and not because I want to contribute to bi-erasure. 

The story is set in England. The style of writing is very British, the characters speak British English.

In England, we eat 'chips' by the bucket load often with ketchup and sometimes with gravy. These are what some people in the world think of as (French) fries.

The spelling in the book has been Americanized for an international audience. 

Features: A butch working class bisexual guy (gay for your romance), a camp femme gay guy, versatile characters, coming out, children.


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