H J PERRY Romantic Gay Fiction

Friends with Benefits by H J Perry
Friends with Benefits Romantic Gay Fiction

Friends with Benefits Published May 24, 2017 | 51000 Words

From friends to lovers...
"You bottom, right? I don't mind if you want to top."
Did he prefer to top or bottom? Having never done either, Jamie wasn't sure. 
Completely out at work, it was just a matter of time before his family at home found out he was gay. His brother and father were so macho, he worried how they’d take it.
But Jamie had more urgent concerns, in the bedroom, what did he want to do first? 

Dylan likes guys, a lot. Especially a certain type. Muscular and masculine, like himself, and a man who’s going to take control in the bedroom. 
His best friend is sweet and handsome, but not his type at all, or so he thought. 
When their friendship includes additional benefits, Dylan discovers more than he expected. Jamie looks surprisingly hot without clothes.

Sweet and steamy gay romance.

*** Can be read as a standalone title and no.6 in SHS series *** 
*** This book contains characters from the SHS series and the main character, Jamie, first appeared in A Secret Boyfriend. ***

What the author has to say

How should a boy find a boyfriend? 

  • Some people are attracted to a certain look. 
  • Some people have to get to know a person as a good friend before they will think about a sexual or romantic relationship.
  • Some people need a sexual chemistry - taste, smell, a certain type of touch, a physical compatibility.

Ideally, your perfect partner will be all of these. 

Don't judge of a book by its cover or a man based on his looks. But we do. 

When the friends discover they make magic together in the bedroom they see each other in a new way.

Features: Friends to lovers, new adult romance, versatile MM, coming out, families.


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