H J PERRY Romantic Gay Fiction

A Secret Boyfriend by H J Perry
A Secret Boyfriend Romantic Gay Fiction

A Secret Boyfriend Published Jan 4, 2017 | 51000 Words

Opposites attract and when the macho construction worker meets the sexy guy from the supermarket it changes both their lives.

Kevin is bisexual. 
He knows the truth: He’s had girlfriends and craves experience with men. He'd never tell anyone his sexy or romantic fantasies. And could never imagine coming out to his dad or his mates. They are all blue collar workers like him. He's a super romantic and sweet guy who just hadn't found anyone to fall in love with until...

Opposites attract.
Out, loud, and proud: Perry is at a stage in his life when he doesn’t need a boyfriend just casual fun. He avoids hookup apps. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to meet guys. Some of those are not things you’d admit to your coworkers in the supermarket.
When you don’t want a boyfriend, fate will send along the perfect candidate. Sometimes several to choose from. This time lady luck has sent a couple of guys for Perry to choose from: Kevin and Kevin's brother.

Unlikely circumstances bring Kevin and Perry together. The chemistry between them inevitable means they can’t keep their clothes on. And they must make physical connections involving hands and mouths.

There is a great deal of kissing and man loving man in this story. No cheating and a happy ending.
Kevin & Perry's story is another low angst, feel-good, gay romance in the Sky High Scaffolders (Our Secret Wedding) series. 
A  first-time gay romance.

*** This can be read as a standalone title. *** Audiobook available in July 2017 ***

Note from the Author

In the SHS series I have attempted to write stories that are sexy, romantic, fun and upbeat, of course, but at the same give readers a realistic impression of life for young gay men working in the construction industry in my area of England today.

There were many things that influenced this story. Too many to mention. 

One of the things in my mind was how the actions of people have an impact on the lives of others. The fact that senior workers in SHS, Lee and Connor, were out as an M/M couple changed Kevin's world. I can't imagine how much harder it might have been had he not known any gay construction workers.

Look at me, talking about them as if they're real people. In my mind, they are. 

Features: A butch working class bisexual guy (gay for your romance), a camp femme gay guy, coming out.


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